Wood Bead Products – Four Easy Crafts Kids Can Make With Them

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One of the most plentiful, and affordable craft supplies, the many wood bead products on the market today can unleash your creativity, and that of your kids. It used to be that their use was limited to making party favors or gag gifts, but now the sheer variety of styles and designs have opened up a world of new possibilities. Available in many different sizes and shapes, kids from three and up will enjoy working with these versatile little blocks of fun. From bracelets made from the heart, to cute little marionettes of their own, there is no limit to the fun you can have!

Friendship Bracelets

A favorite of preteens everywhere, this project will utilize the many wood beads products that feature letters, numbers, trendy sayings and pictures. Using leather cords, beading elastic, or even yarn, kids can weave, knot, tie or crochet lengths together to form a bracelet interspersed with these wooden beads. Be sure to mix up multiple colors of cording material together for a super trendy look!


Everyone, from the older kids on down will enjoy making their own unique necklaces out of wood beads products. They come in so many different sizes and shapes, with decorations or none at all, that they can make anything that comes to mind with ease. Teenagers might enjoy painting blank wooden beads first, with their own special design, and then stringing them to give away in a gift exchange. Younger kids can do the same for holidays special to them, like Halloween and Christmas.


Speaking of holidays, wood beads products can also be used by kids of any age to make some festive holiday ornaments. The first project involves stringing together long lengths of gold and silver cord with red and green large block and round beads to make garlands for the tree and the mantelpiece. Piece together beads of different sizes with pipe cleaners to make angels, reindeer and toy soldiers that you can hang from the tree. You can also paint and decorate wooden circles to mimic wreaths, or string together three flat wooden discs to make snowmen and women for snow people.


In the same vein as making ornaments with wooden beads, you can also use the block shaped, barrels and rounds of various sizes to make wooden puppets to entertain kids for hours. With your help, kids can make animals, birds, snakes, and people of all kinds using the beads and pipe cleaners, toothpicks, string and glue. Use the pipe cleaners to support the main body, the toothpicks to join arms and legs to the body, and glue to hold them all in place. Lastly, the string can be tied to the puppets so that the kids can make them move and dance to put on a show!

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