Why People Like Funny Pictures

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Humans have this great desire to see amusing and funny pictures. It entertains them a lot, and they make them laugh.

Most of people are simply bored of their daily routine existence. They look for some opportunities to have fun. On the other hands humans also want to see images as they give them an idea of a place or person without visiting. It is interesting to find out why people like to see images in the first place. The human mind has its own limitations. The thing is that human mind is unable to distinguish between reality and illusion. When anyone gives any suggestion to the human mind it is not able to distinguish the difference between reality and illusion. This explains why people love to watch images. This is the reason why newspapers make sure to carry many pictures to attract viewers when in fact most of the information is carried in the form of written words.

One image can have more impact on the human mind than many written words. This is also why television as a medium of communication is more popular than newspapers all over the world. As expected more people watch television programs than those who read newspapers. It is also said that humans consume more information through their eyes than their mind. Using any image in any kind of communication can have much more impact on the target audience. This is another reason why tabloid newspapers carrying more pictures are more popular than serious newspapers carrying less number of pictures.

Funny pictures can make people laugh as they give suggestion to the human mind that the funny events are happening right then and there. The human mind thinks that the event is actually happening and laughs at the funny situation shown in the picture. This is why people love to see images and funny pictures.

Source by Deepak Saxena

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