Why Laugh Lines Really Are Not Funny!

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Why Laugh Lines Really Are Not Funny!

We spend our lives smiling and laughing and enjoying life only to look in the mirror one day and see wrinkles. Our face becomes a road map of our experiences. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t think it is fair to be penalized for being happy. Laugh lines are simply not funny. When mine first started appearing I did everything I could think of to make them go away!

At first I really started to try and remain serious at all times. I thought if I stopped smiling and laughing the lines would simply stop growing in length and depth. This was a really bad idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures! The result of this experiment was that I began to look like an old, angry woman with laugh lines. Again, not funny!

Then I decided to investigate the various creams and lotions on the market that claim to erase wrinkles. I tried more brands than I care to admit. Some really felt like they would help, but over time did nothing. Others didn’t even feel good on my face. The laugh lines remained.

Then I found out that most of the products I was using had really useless and even harmful ingredients in them. My dermatologist gave me an eye opening education! The majority of wrinkle creams on the market use mineral oil. This is the worse oil you could put on your skin. It doesn’t penetrate, so it just sits there on top of your skin, drying it out further and clogging your pores! Sure enough, the products I had been using all had mineral oil in their ingredients!

I started reading labels, researching online and realized there are just a handful of companies using good ingredients like Grapeseed oil and Babassu oil and coenzyme Q10. These things are scientifically proven to rejuvenate skin cells and promote an increase of collagen. Eureka! Now I can smile and laugh all I want without worrying about my face becoming a road map!

Why Laugh Lines Really Are Not Funny!

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