Why Does My Washing Smell Funny When It Comes Out of the Washing Machine?

waste pipe

That may seem like an odd question but you would be surprised how often people find that the washing that comes from their washing machine smells not especially nice.

No matter what powder or softener you use, sometime your washing just comes out smelling foul, it may be all the time or from time to time – the good news is that there is generally a solution.

Firstly, you have to ask yourself how old the machine is and if you are in a hard water area, if you are, and it is an old machine then you could very well have clogged up pipes that are leading to a slimey buildup on top of the calcification you get with hard water. The only real solution to this is buy a new washing machine but you can always use a product to remove lime scale.

The main and more common reason is that the waste pipe is incorrectly installed. Pretty much all washing machines come with a u-shaped plastic bendy thing which is meant to be fitted round the waste pipe. This in turn should then be screwed to the wall behind your machine above the height of the exit hole from the machine – it only needs to be a few inches higher.

The reason for this is so that waste water does not flow back into the machine once it has been pumped out – many people make the mistake of not doing this and leaving the waste pipe to trail downwards, coil on the floor for a few feet then rise up again where it is attached to the outflow from the sink unit.

What then happens is waste water collects in the few feet of pipe that lie on the ground and when the machine does its final spin cycle, it pulls some of this waste, dirty water back into the machine and thus, clothes come out wiffing! and whites have a very faint grey look about them.

You can either buy a bigger washing machine so you have to do less washes and therefore the waste pipe gets used less or make sure you check your waste pipe – if you dont have a u-bendy thing, don’t worry – you can use anything to attached it to the wall or whatever you want – so long as the first 12 inches or so of the waste pipe incline upwards to a hight above that of the waste exit hole (a few inches) and then this resolves most of the problems.

Source by Julie Davies

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