Why Cocky and Funny Attracts Women Young and Old

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A combination of being both cocky and funny has its benefits over being cocky or funny alone. Women find cocky men to be total show-offs, too conceited for comfort. This makes a date a complete blunder if you ask me. Moreover, if you can’t prove you’re as good as you say you are, then you’d probably be the bar’s goof of the week.

Being funny, on the other hand, is a pleasant and agreeable trait, but not really interesting to women if it doesn’t have a bit of self-confident flavor to it. Women generally find funny men cool to hang out with, while they find funny and cocky men actually desirable. See the distinction? Funny men befriend women, but funny and cocky men date them.

Being cocky and funny is a personality trait that makes women less likely to forget you. Thoughts of you linger long after you say goodbye. Being a bit of both works with women all the time, because it reflects your confident and humorous side. Start with arrogance, then add humor to it. You can be aggressive and arrogant, yet get away with it. It’s a magnetic charm that gets a woman’s attention.

It may go a little something like …. “Hey do you usually stare like that? Or you just can’t help staring at me?” or even, “I won’t give you my phone number, so stop being nice.”

What’s good with being cocky and funny is that it knows no bounds. Women of all age brackets respond to it. The general response is a deep, unexplainable attraction. Such a personality works well with women you just met, and it also works wonders when getting into a long-term relationship with your partner. It can bring back the spark in a marriage.

It’s a breath of fresh air for women to be with someone cocky and funny. When you’re out with a single woman, bear in mind that she’s been with various other men before. Most of these men were more likely polite and civil, overly confident or just plain goofy.

Being cocky and funny shows that you’re different. It never fails to amuse a woman, young and old alike. Being cocky is easy. But to be both cocky and funny takes some real work and perfect timing. So take your time to master the art of being both and see how women respond. You just might create that magical formula for winning the woman of your dreams.

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