What to Text a Girl – Cocky, Funny and Other Texting Tips

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A lot of guys have no idea what to text a girl when they first meet her. Most guys use average safe language, making her not want to continue the conversation. What they are missing is that it really isn’t hard to stand out just that little bit to gain her attention. Not only that, but this can be done without the usual Pick Up Artist (PUA) lines. My goal is for you to be authentic, keep your power and make her desire what you have to offer, not trick her into “falling” for you.

When I think of how to text a girl I remember tons of little tips and tricks that I use get the conversation flowing. Here are a couple of things to help you get you moving in the right direction!

Cocky, funny texting

This is an old school PUA routine and it does work. However, I would like you to adapt the style a bit. The misunderstanding is that Cocky = Jerk this is not the case. Unfortunately, jerk does work but you really aren’t going to feel good about yourself or make many true connections this way. Remember, women are people too.

Being funny is killer and adding a bit of cockiness is brilliant. Why? Because it communicates that you are strong, that you don’t need approval. I can’t tell you how many times I have had girls give me hell over this. For example:

Anna: God, you are so full of yourself

Me: Thank you, so happy you noticed

Anna: You know that is not very attractive

Me: Of course it is! It’s as attractive as that dress you wore last Friday

Anna: Can’t believe you brought up the dress, it was a DARE

Me: I am not the one that put it on!

Anna: Gonna make you wear it next time

Me: Only if this is a private thing

Anna: sounds interesting…

This interaction was not super aggressive but it was cocky since I didn’t back down and it was funny playful because we brought up the dress. The key to this interaction was not apologizing after she said “you know that is not attractive.” This simply is not true and is the equivalent of her saying “you being so handsome doesn’t make me like you more,” lies… all lies…

Purposely misunderstanding in a text

What to text a girl? Purposely misunderstanding is a blast. I like this simply because it is funny and cute. It communicates to a girl that you are pretty smart and it makes them have to think in loops to keep up with you. Everyone is attracted to intelligence and if you can text with humor, you have killed two birds with one stone. Imagine her being impressed with your mind AND feeling wonderful because she is laughing. Beautiful…


Anna: Going out with Rachel tomorrow

Me: You are going out with Rachel? I thought you were strait?

Anna: Shut up dork

Me: It all makes sense now, the short hair, the bad attitude

Anna: Didn’t I tell you to shut it!

Me: Hehehe!

This is pretty tame but it still illustrates the point. Purposely misunderstanding is just so much fun but try not to use it too much. Overuse makes it a bit tedious and obnoxious.

Source by Michael Craig Masters

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