Wedding Vows – Traditional Or Funny?

wedding vows

Wedding Vows – Traditional Or Funny?

Wedding vows are among the special part of any matrimonial ceremony–maybe next to the groom finally getting the chance to kiss his bride. But there are so many things that has been attributed with wedding vows. Some see it as a way of pledging your unfailing love to your partner while some see at as the bond that makes matrimony a very spiritual event. But whichever the  case is, nothing can deny the fact that no wedding can be complete without saying the wedding vows.

These days, couples have become more creative when it comes to saying their wedding vows. They don’t just find themselves saying their pledges based from what the priest has said. Some even go as far as making their own vows which they recite on that very special day. The great thing about wedding vows is that you and your loved one can make one and say it right after or before you utter your standard matrimonial vows. Some even intersperse it together and that’s okay.

Thinking of Going Traditional Or Funny

You might find yourself thinking, would it be a good idea to personalize your wedding vows? Or would it be best to stick with the old ways instead. Nobody can actually dictate this to you. The decision is up to you and your partner. The best thing to do is try to see you and your partner’s personality. Are you the fun happy types or are you more serious? In the end you should consider saying vows which you will be most comfortable with and not just say them because you want to entertain your guests. After all, the vows are your promise to each other and not to your guests.

You can also try adding some special symbolisms as you are doing your vows. If you want to keep the vows authentic in the sense that you wanted to keep the words as they are, you can add some special touch as you are saying it to each other. You can give each other a special token aside from the rings which you are also bound to give each other during the ceremony.

Writing Your Wedding Vows

When creating your wedding vows, it’s good to create together but it may even be better if you end up surprising each other. Start by making up your mind that you will be creating personal vows for each other and then just do it. You never know if it might just be the most special thing that your special half would ever consider receiving in his or her life. Besides, you are going to say it with so much heartfelt joy that it is impossible not to really have it uttered with so much emotions right on your wedding day.

If you find yourself having some difficulty with what to write the trick here is to stop thinking too hard. Just think about your soon to be spouse and remember the best times you’ve had with each other and the toughest that also strengthened your relationship and made it deeper.

Wedding Vows – Traditional Or Funny?

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