Wedding Speech Jokes

wedding speech

Wedding Speech Jokes

Using jokes in a wedding speech can help to relax you and your guests. Used inappropriately it can turn a wedding speech into something that makes the guests, the bride and groom cringe from embarrassment. Jokes can be great but they must be used appropriately or your wedding speech will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

DO NOT use foul/offensive language – there may be children in the audience or it may upset some of the guests

DO NOT share experiences that would embarrass anyone present – save those for the stag or hen party

DO NOT stand up and deliver joke after joke – this is not a stand up comedy routine it is a chance for you to compliment the wedding party.

DO include funny stories from your own experiences with the happy couple

DO practice and prepare yourself before making your big speech including any jokes – stumbling over the punch line can kill a joke

DO deliver your jokes with humour in your voice and a smile – the last thing you want is someone thinking you are being serious

So if you are planning on using wedding jokes try to find a balance of seriousness and humor. It will depend on your personality. If you are the witty, practical joker then people will to be more likely to expect a funny wedding speech from you. But being quieter doesn’t mean that you can’t crack a few wedding speech jokes and if they are funny and well delivered you will be remembered all the more for it.

Wedding Speech Jokes

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