Water Kefir Benefits – What Are the Remedy Benefits of Kefir Homemade Drinks?

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Water Kefir Benefits – What Are the Remedy Benefits of Kefir Homemade Drinks?

Water kefir is made by introducing kefir grains and bacteria to a water sugar solution and letting it to ferment for a few days. Water kefir is best made using water grains that are pre-cultured and packaged for export. Water grains look like some translucent mass of granules that resemble a cauliflower in shape. These granules are used as seed compound to start the fermentation process.

The final fermented homemade water kefir drink is a mixture of sugars, proteins, carbonated drink, folic acid and some degree of alcohol. This macrobiotic solution is what is known as water kefir drink and has been used as a healthy natural drink for ages. The natural drink can be made into various flavors depending on what the base solution was and there are therefore many forms of kefir including water, milk, peach, grape juice, coconut, sugar, rice, almond, apple and many more.

The best form of kefir is called the Caucasian and the German which are made and exported across the world in the form of grains. These water kefir grains are used by the buyers of the water grains to make the water kefir drink in large qualities which can then be stored and used over time.

There are some few experts in several places that have been making water kefir and other types of kefir grains and shipping them across the world for people to make their own kefir at home. Most of them will sell you the kefir grains at a very good price with either free shipping or lower rates. The whole process will only take you 2-3 days or 1 week depending on how far you are ordering the kefir grains from.

What Are the Health Benefits of Kefir Grains

Kefir drink has been known to help in the cure of back pain, neck pain and diverticulitis. It is also believed to help in the detoxification of the intestinal and removal of intestinal parasites. The healthy drink is also known to lower the blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of cardiac arrest by over 30% in mid aged folks.

The drink has been used by athletes to tone their bodies using the folic acid contained in the mixture to improve their circulation and blood pressure. The kefir diet is also used by Yoga trainers and it is also known as the Yoga Masters diet, Jesus diet, vegans diet and marathoners diet. It is true that many people that are serious in their health have used or still continue to use kefir drink as their number one choice in refreshment and healthy drinks.

Learn more on which are the full health benefits of water kefir drink and also get a free video e-course on how to make your own kefir drink at home and get samples by following the links below.

Water Kefir Benefits – What Are the Remedy Benefits of Kefir Homemade Drinks?

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