Top 5 “Cocky Funny” Conversation Starters – Dating Tips for Men Only

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Top 5 “Cocky Funny” Conversation Starters – Dating Tips for Men Only

There is no doubt that one of the best conversation starters is the ability for you to make a woman smile or better yet, laugh. “Cocky Funny” humor can certainly make this happen. It’s a kind of humor wherein you try to be funny and sexy at the same time.

The great thing about being cocky and funny is that, if she bite the jokes, you got some flirting going and you may end up with a jackpot for the night!

When you master this technique and when done right, cocky and funny shows confidence and a sense of humor in one amazing man!

Enough intro, here are a “few cocky” conversation openers so that you can try it out for yourself ASAP!

* “You’re sooo bad!” Tell her that and then explain her how she will someday or currently breaking each and every guy’s heart that had the misfortunge of glancing her pretty face. This is specially effective in a situration where she is being approach by guys.

* Since we are in a place where the lady is being approach by a way, wait until she’s done rejecting a guy, then come to her and say: “How did he do?” now, you can apply the first technique before this one, tell her she’s mean for rejecting the poor guy.

* “I’m sorry, but It’s not going to work out.” – You can play ‘gay’ here and it’s very effective. Tell her she’s prettier than you.

* Next tip is to make a scenen but not so much. Pretend you’re breaking up with her, tell her it’s over and everything. Make up some dramatic reason like that she’s smothering you. She will definitely reacts and when she did, tell her “ok, I’ll give you another chance.”

* From the last tip, if you are brave enough and super confident, you can even ask her if she wants to have a make-up sex. This is a win-win. I guess you know why.

Believe it or not, well I know you’ll believe it after reading how great those are. Anyway, believe it or not, those converstaion starters are the best ones if you are having trouble starting up a small chit chat with a gorgeous babe. And what’s more, it certainly will create sexual tension which is what you want.

Just remember, make sure you also add some substance and your own flavor to the conversation or you’ll lose her when the ‘game’ and play time is over.

Enjoyed that tip? There are more where this tips come from…..

Top 5 “Cocky Funny” Conversation Starters – Dating Tips for Men Only

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