The Three Most Attractive Features of Zen MP3 Players

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Different people look for different things in the gadgets they purchase. Indeed, if you were to run a survey on what makes the best electronic gadget (and find a way of getting people to be really honest about what they felt, and not just ‘going with the mob’), chances are that you would never get consensus on anything as different people have different views as to what makes the most attractive electronic gadgets.

That said, there are a number of gadgets that seem to find widespread appeal amongst many people, perhaps surprisingly as they are not that very aggressively marketed; suggesting the secret behind their popularity lies in their intrinsic features.

Take, for instance, the Zen MP3 players – which with almost no hype-creation on the part of their makers, have gone on to become many people’s first choice whenever looking for an MP3 player. Now looking keenly at the Zen MP3 player and the reasons people have come to love it so much, one realizes that the MP3 players popularity has much to do with three features, namely functionality, aesthetics and pricing; and that these three are the three most attractive features of Zen MP3 players for most people.

Starting with functionality, which is really the only thing pragmatic gadget shoppers look at in their shopping, Zen MP3 players ace the test, mainly thanks to the many functional features (as evident on the MP3 player’s software and hardware implementation) as well as the sound quality, which is the ultimate feature pragmatic MP3 shoppers look at. As far as sound quality goes, to be sure, the Zen MP3 player makers seem to have gone to great lengths to ensure that it gives you the sound you ask it to play, without causing any distortions, as a number of other less well thought out MP3 player models are wont to do.

Turning to aesthetics, the MP3 player seems to be made not only with the needs of pragmatic shopper in mind, but also the needs of the image-conscious shopper. The image conscious shopper in question, by the way, is the type of gadget shopper who wants to get a gadget that will get friends asking them questions about it, whom many of us can recognize in ourselves. Now to say that the Zen MP3 – which at 8 centimeters by 5 centimeters) is as long and as wide as a credit card – is sleek would probably be an understatement. Of course, a gadget’s aesthetic appeal goes beyond it just being small (or miniaturized) as the geeks love to call it; and beyond making it sleek, the makers of the Zen MP3 player seem to have gone to considerable pains to ensure that it looks ‘cute’ too – in terms of things like shape and the shiny colors it comes in to accentuate the sleekness.

Finally, turning to pricing, Zen MP3 players turn to out to be in category of gadgets offering the best price-value proposition, meaning that while Zen MP3 players might not be the cheapest in dollar amount quotations (though they are certainly nowhere near the most expensive either); they could pretty much be the most ‘fairly priced’ in terms of price-value propositions.

With features like these, it is no wonder that Zen MP3 players are many people’s darlings.

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