The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Wood Furnaces

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The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Wood burning furnaces are among the most commonly used type of outdoor heating system in many homes today. This can be attributed to several factors more importantly the high cost of natural gas. As more homeowners become conscious of their expenses, most want to save on electricity costs as much as possible and using a wood furnace is a good alternative.

An outdoor wood furnace is similar to a stove that uses wood as fuel and is situated outside of the house. This appliance has evolved through the years and now uses advanced technology unlike the traditional system.

This heating component normally has a firebox surrounded by water. This same water that is heated is then circulated through the different pipes that are located underneath the house. As heated water reaches the house, it runs through radiators or a heat exchanger that makes up a forced air ductwork. When the water cools down again, it goes back to the furnace to undergo reheating.


Based on size, an outdoor wood burning furnace is usually large. This means that you can load it with wood either once or twice a day depending on your heating needs in the home. Its huge size is actually an advantage because it is then capable of heating several areas of the house including the garage and even barns.

Savings on electricity cost is another major benefit. As this furnace is not an electrical appliance, homeowners will definitely lower their bills in the long term. Wood as fuel is very affordable and as long as you shop around, you will surely find suppliers that offer the best deals with delivery service to boot. This outdoor wood furnace is also double purpose. Other than space heating, an outdoor furnace is also useful in heating water in the home.

If safety is a major concern, many people believe this heating component is better than those installed inside the home. Owing to the fact that it is placed outdoor and away from the house, family members are assured of their safety.


A main disadvantage for this type of heating system is its price and installation cost. As many of them are big in size, they also cost more. They command a higher price because of its stove and water circulation system. Some systems may require electricity especially for the fans and water circulation pumps.

Smoke emission is another issue that homeowners have to deal with. The smoke produced is not just the light type but darker and with an unpleasant odor as well. This is an outcome of wood burning at a low temperature which is common for outdoor wood furnaces.

In terms of efficiency rate, there are some reports pointing out that the one situated outside the home has only between 50 to 55 percent efficiency compared to those installed inside the house which are 70 to 80 percent efficient. This low efficiency is a result of incomplete combustion as outdoor wood furnaces normally operate colder being placed outside of the house.

So make sure you weigh the pros and cons first before deciding on installing this furnace.

The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Wood Furnaces

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