The Many Uses For Manzanita Tree Branches

manzanita branches

The Many Uses For Manzanita Tree Branches

Manzanita trees don’t grow very big and they are crooked and full of twisted branches. For most of the wood products industry this is why manzanita is considered worthless. For making traditional products like lumber, manzanita is too small and twisted. But for many people, these characteristics are all part of what makes this tree so unique and superior for other uses.

Manzanita may never be used, like many other trees, for making lumber or building homes. But it has found its niche in many crafts and specialty products. Manzanita branches are highly valued for pet supplies, decorative branches, wood turning, small wood crafts and more.

Many bird owners love manzanita. Its hard wood and unique shapes make manzanita an excellent material for bird perches and bird toys. Unlike many other materials, manzanita wood is not toxic to birds. It’s also hard enough to resist the powerful beaks of parrots and other birds that will chew lesser woods to pieces. The unique twisted and varied shapes that manzanita branches grow into are much better for birds to perch and play on than traditional manufactured perches.

Manzanita wood is used for small woodworking projects and wood turning. The wood is extremely hard and can usually only be found in small pieces. Its tight grain and beautiful dark red or brown colors can polish to a beautiful shine. The wood tends to crack as it dries so this also limits the size of pieces that can be used.

Manzanita branches are highly sought after for decorations and ornamental crafts. Manzanita branches grow into unique shapes with intricate but sturdy branch patters that often resemble miniature trees. From small branched twigs to large branches, manzanita is prized for making center pieces, wedding trees, ornamental trees, flower arrangements and just about anything a decorator or crafts person can imagine.

The Many Uses For Manzanita Tree Branches

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