The Dreaded Hunchback – How to Correct That Area of Your Upper Back That Pops Out and Looks Funny!

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How does this dreaded “hunchback” form? This condition actually stems from poor neck and upper back posture. What happens is your upper back starts shifting up and back. So that “hunch”, is actually bone.

This phenomenon happens because the neck spine shifts forward. They call this forward head posture or forward head carriage.

The whole spine works together. When one section is shifted or misaligned, it causes problems elsewhere. So as the neck spine shifts forward and looses it’s normal alignment and curvature, the upper back spine starts pushing up and back increasing it’s curve.

What is the concern if you have a slight “hunching” of the upper back?. First off, it doesn’t look good and it will get worse, looking worse. But more important; if you have it, you know for a fact that your neck and upper back are out of alignment. This is extremely important because research show that any spinal misalignments eventually puts pressure on nerves. Any pressure on nerves means the body is not working at it’s best. This not only predisposes you for neck pain, back pain, and headaches, but can cause something even worse.

So how do you correct this “bone” that’s popping out? Answer – we simply need to correct the posture and spine alignment. With this particular problem, the best way is with a good neck neck pillow and neck traction device.

A good neck pillow is one that gives the proper neck support when you sleep. The Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow supports your neck while improving alignment.

A true neck traction devise will help bring the head and neck back and improve the neck curve even more quickly.

Restoring the normal neck curvature and improving forward head posture will then restore upper back posture and alignment. The upper back spine that was protruding or “hunching” up and back will move back down and forward.

Not only will this neck pillow and neck traction devise correct that ugly “hunch back”, it will prevent it from ever occurring to begin with!

Source by Matthew Bellinger

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