Ten Reasons Why You Should Show Off Comical Shirts

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Comical T-Shirts is the buzz word out there, and you can blame not a soul Because these rippers are more than just funny, they are chic.

Here are ten reasons why you should wear a Droll Tops (You know the ones with those droll lines and those whacky pictures :p)

1. It makes you seem knowledgeable. Well that is if you have a really good line on you, not something like I’m Lost Please Take Me Home with You.

2. It is one sure shot attention seeker! Something like- Google is my spellchecker would get you some sure shot eye balls or maybe a gaping Chimpanzee!

3. It shows attitude Ah! Whatever!

4. It gives a good upbeat vibe Unless you have something like “Kill Them All” printed on your Tee shirt.

5. It gives you a opportunity to innovate and at the same time be stand out you can get custom Comical Shirts and have your own humorous phrase or Picture Please No Tops like- Tom is the cleverest!” and a huge smirking picture of the dude!

6. It can be a magnificent conversation starter. “Hey that’s a really Hilarious Shirt that you have there, I really liked that bloke, and what is he trying to do?” “Whoa! That is a really funny Tee man!

7. It gives you a opportunity to express your belief without opening your mouth! “Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere” need I tell more.

8. It aids in cracking the pressure at times. “Is it me, or is it just too hot in here” or the Celebrated “I-Peed” would do the job.

9.You can really illustrate people that you have sense of humor Well there are cases, when your spouse makes you wear it and you really don’t like it. Yeah but they are exception aren’t they, well hopefully It simply is the “in” thing now, Yes Witty Tops just rock!

So what are you waiting for?, go grab a Hilarious shirt and let the world laugh along with you, oh that brings me to the final line-

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, Fart and you stand alone!” Had to put that one.

Source by Aaroah Sunil

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