Samsung F480 Tocco – A Gadget That Meets All Your Requirements

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Samsung F480 Tocco – A Gadget That Meets All Your Requirements

There are several gadget brands in the market these days which are creating craze among the people. The features and looks are the main features which attract the gadget users. These brands astir the mobile phone users by launching high end models at regular intervals. Almost each model comes enriched with certain important physical and operational features. However, the fact which cannot be ignored is that, some basic features do remain same in almost all the models. As such, the same rule applies in the case of different brands too. Samsung is one of the leading brands which is exciting the people from a decade. Its stylist models always managed to draw attention of the users. Not only the looks, but the enhanced features of the models which Samsung developed from time to time, also astir the gadget customers at ease.

Several models with sophisticated features have been developed by this famous brand. One such model which is being used by a wide range of users is the Samsung F480 Tocco. This model comes enriched with all the latest features, which would help both the high tech as well as the common users. Moreover, the high-end features can be accessed by directly touching the screen due to its TFT touchscreen. Its TFT screen also allow the users to view the crystal clear images and video clips without any hassles.

This F480 model comes under the category of camera phones. One is able to capture the images and video clips with his or her light weight Tocco handset. Its 5 mega pixels is one of the best feature of this handset. Music is the another striking feature which most of the users of today require. As a matter of fact, handsets are supposed to be incomplete by many users, if the music feature lacks. This smart handset consist of built-in music players and FM radio. Its music player supports MP3 and AAC music file formats and quite interestingly, the embedded FM radio comes with the RDS feature.

Data transfer is also another necessary feature which comes embedded in most of the gadgets these days. The data transfer can take place between widget to widget or widget to computer. All the data transfer facilities are available in Samsung F480 Tocco phone, except the option of Infrared port in which data gets transferred through the Infrared beams. The Bluetooth facility which is a wireless feature in many gadgets, is also available in this handset. With the support of the Bluetooth option, music, videos, pictures etc., can be transferred to other Bluetooth compatible handsets and computers which come attached with the Bluetooth devices. Another feature which is available in this handset is the USB option. With this option, you can transfer the data by connecting two handsets or a handset and a computer through USB cable. SMS, MMS and E-Mail are the messaging options used to send the text and graphics to a remote user. Text messages can be sent with this handset through its SMS feature. Further, the MMS, EMS and Email are also available for sending graphics like images and videos. Moreover, Internet accessibility is also possible via its WAP and HTML browsers. This handset can also take care of the gaming lovers. Interesting games are available for these people to pass their spare time without any hassles.

Mammoth storage space is another factor which is considered while purchasing a handset by some of the users. In this regard, the Tocco consists of 232 MB of internal memory and 8 GB extra space can further be added with the support of a microSD card. In addition to this, 1000 entries can also be stored in its phone book. Like, some other handsets of the time, F480 also displays the received, missed and dialed numbers in its call records. As mentioned in the first paragraph, physical segment of Samsung models seem to the main zone of attraction for the users. The F480 comes in shining black colour and comes with the flip design. It has a standard weight of 100.6 grams and dimensions of 98.4 x 55 x 11.6 mm. For sure, Among all mobile phones Samsung F480 Tocco would not be a wrong choice for those who are thinking of purchasing it.

Samsung F480 Tocco – A Gadget That Meets All Your Requirements

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