Nokia 6288 – The Most Versatile Gadget for Versatile People

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Nokia 6288 – The Most Versatile Gadget for Versatile People

The 6288 is a slider 3G mobile phone from Nokia that looks amazing in smooth and neat casings of white or black. The handset is user-friendly and handy. The gadget is 100 mm x 46 mm x 21 mm in size and weighs just 115 g giving the handset a compact look and feel without making it too heavy to carry. This versatile handset comes with excellent features to let you use and enjoy while you are on the go. The QVGA screen can be viewed whether the phone is in the slide-close or slide-open position. The screen comes with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and can show up to 262,000 colours so that you get a clearer and enhanced view of your desired content such as images, video footage, screensavers wallpapers.

This stunning 3G gadget also incorporates a 2 mega pixel camera located behind it. The built-in digital zoom and flash ensure that you get a close up and perfect shot every time you click it. You can capture the shots in landscape mode with easy access to dedicated camera & zoom key. Besides capturing images, you can enjoy watching people you are talking to them as the gadget lets you do video calling. However, this requires that the other person should also have similar kind of handset. Furthermore, you can record video footage and then enjoy watching them later with others or alone. The playback quality is simply excellent. The 6288 has an immense storage capacity as it comes with the internal memory of 6 MB which can be expanded via MiniSD memory card up to 512 MB.

Using the 6288 is a real fun for those who love music, as the handset comes equipped with a high quality music player that supports MP4, MP3, and other popular music file formats. There’s a lot more that this stunning gadget has to offer you namely web connectivity via WAP, XHTML TCP/IP so that you can easily browse through your desired sites and send/receive/check emails just anytime while you are on the move, easy messaging via the MMS, SMS, IM so you don’t have to call every time you want get in touch with your close ones, easy connectivity via Bluetooth & other latest technologies, and much more.

Nokia 6288 – The Most Versatile Gadget for Versatile People

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