Masturbation Tips: Chopping the Morning Wood

morning wood

Masturbation Tips: Chopping the Morning Wood

Even when a man goes to bed alone, he very often wakes up with a partner, namely that insistent erect penis colloquially referred to as “the morning wood.” Waking up hard is not at all unusual, especially during one’s pubertal years, and often it’s pleasant to be greeted by one’s old buddy. In addition, morning wood is an indication that one’s penis health is acceptable and that the tool is functioning appropriately. Sometimes, however, the wood isn’t satisfied with greeting a guy; on some days, it can be rather insistent about being “handled” properly. Below, men will find masturbation tips for mornings with little time to spare.

Why does it happen?

What is commonly called morning wood is medically referred to as nocturnal penile tumescence or NPT, a spontaneous erection that occurs either while asleep or while awakening (or both).

NPTs occur in all men with proper erectile function. Typically, a man achieves an erect penis between three and five times during a night’s sleep period; most often, these erections occur during the phase of sleep known as REM (rapid eye movement), which accounts for about 20-25% of a regular night’s sleep period.

There are generally two reasons why NPT occurs. During sleep, the relaxation of certain neurons allows for greater movement of testosterone, resulting in erections. In addition, NPT is thought to be one of the body’s means of keeping urine from releasing during sleep; when the tool is erect, urine’s ability to flow through it is greatly impaired.

Insistent fellow

When the morning wood is especially aroused, it can present a man with a dilemma: Masturbate or get out of bed? On days when a man has a relaxed schedule, there’s no problem; he simply throws back the sheet, gets a grip and begins pumping.

But on days when he has limited time to get showered, dressed, breakfasted and on his way to work, the presence of an especially firm penis can be a challenge. The guy knows that he only has a certain amount of time, but the steel rod sticking out from his crotch doesn’t care about the clock. In these cases, a guy has to weigh his options:

– Call in sick. This is usually the option that is most attractive – and the least practical. A day spent getting reacquainted with one’s best friend can be a day well-spent. But it doesn’t bring home the bacon (unless, of course, one is an adult film star).

– Pull off a quick one in bed. A man with morning wood tends to have a penis that is in a rather advanced state of arousal. The benefit of this is that, if a man decides to indulge, the time from start to finish can be reduced significantly. If it only takes a minute, most men can fit a quick penis squeeze into their schedule.

– Skip breakfast for a different kind of sustenance. Of course, sometimes it takes considerably longer than a minute. Even if the tool may be ready, a guy may prefer to take a much more leisurely approach and spend some quality time with his boner. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but sometimes a guy’s body requires a different kind of nourishment – and skipping the toast for a hand-held weenie roast may be preferable.

– Shower up. Another option is to practice the ever-popular multi-tasking. Most guys only use one hand while showering anyway. While that hand is massaging shampoo and conditioner into the top head, why not let the other hand massage the head on that erect penis?

Satisfying one’s morning wood sometimes makes for a sore tool. Soothe that manhood by regularly using a top-shelf penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). If the cream contains a high-end emollient such as Shea butter, it can supply valuable moisturizing relief. At times, a man may chop that morning wood a bit too aggressively; the tool ends up not only sore, but somewhat “deadened” to sensation. In these cases, a cream with acetyl L-carnitine helps restore sensation lost due to rough handling.

Masturbation Tips: Chopping the Morning Wood

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