Make Homemade Soap – 5 Tips

homemade soap

Make Homemade Soap – 5 Tips

Make homemade soap and experience the feel that beats commercial soap. There are tricks to making really good soap. Anybody can throw together a batch. Consistently making superior products takes some study and practice. Following are 5 tips for getting started.

1. Use plenty of scent.

It takes more essential or fragrance oil to really develop a scent than many recipes suggest. Use too little and you just made a batch of unscented soap. Find guidelines that suggest levels of scents to use. Often the suppliers of the scent oils have tables with suggested scenting guidelines.

2. What about lye?

Sorry, you really can’t make soap without lye. You can buy soap bases to melt and pour. Somebody else has already dealt with the lye. That really isn’t a bad way to start. But soap is really lye plus fats and oils. That’s what it is.

3. It isn’t rice bran oil.

Often an exotic ingredient like rice bran oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, shea butter are presented as the answer to the ultimate soap. It isn’t so. Using the basic oils, you can build luxury soap at an affordable price. Use the more exotic oils as refinements. Get the basics right first. The basics are palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Tallow works as a substitute for palm oil if you wish.

4. Design your own.

Copy somebody’s recipe and you make a copy of their product. That has it’s place, but it’s best to grow toward the point where you design your own recipes. That way what you make is truly unique. It’s easy to do with a little help.

5. Will it sell?

Many are tempted to try selling soap. Making it and selling require different skills. If you want to sell soap, the demand is there. Finding customers is the hard part. There are easy ways to do that and hard ways. Choose the hard way and it’s a long road with few sales.

Make homemade soap and watch the amazing change from a caustic liquid to mild, beautiful products. It’s easy to make soap, but there are many tricks to making it better.

Make Homemade Soap – 5 Tips

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