Maid of Honor Speech Ideas – Is Funny Good?

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Maid of Honor Speech Ideas – Is Funny Good?

You have been so busy with all the preparations; you have not even given your speech a thought. Now the wedding is around the corner and you desperately need a few good maid of honor speech ideas. Take heart, there is lots of help available. Read on and find out.

One thing a lot of people want to know is, is a funny one a good idea? This is not that easy to answer as it depends a lot on your personality, the personality of the couple and the kind of wedding guests that are going to be at the wedding.

Still, that being said, the most important deciding factor is your personality. You have to be sure you will be able to pull it off. Funny maid of honor speech ideas, funny ones, can really fall flat if you are not able to do it right. So give this serious consideration. Funny speeches are very entertaining if done well, but very boring and even embarrassing when done wrong.

If you decide on a funny one, make sure your jokes, anecdotes and quotes will not offend or embarrass anyone, most of all the bride and groom, but also all the guests! You have to keep in mind that there will be older members of the family and children amongst the guests so you have to make double sure your speech is suitable for all ears!

So, keep this in mind when you are considering maid of honor speech ideas. Funny can be very good and entertaining if done right.

Maid of Honor Speech Ideas – Is Funny Good?

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