How to Write a Funny Groom Speech

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How to Write a Funny Groom Speech

When you are writing a new groom speech it is important to bring a little bit of humor to it so that it doesn’t get too personal and serious. Also it will help you calm down and change the atmosphere in the room as everyone will be looking at you and it may break the silence a bit. Bringing light to a few humorous subjects will not only make you feel more relaxed but it will help others in the room as well. The last thing that you want is to be overwhelmed with emotions and completely forget what you are saying.

Here are some pointers when writing a groom speech and these will help you make it funny but is not over the top as you do not want to be remembered for embarrassing anyone in the room, especially your new wife.

Firstly keep it clean, there’s no need to put any rude jokes into your speech as you wouldn’t want to offend anyone. Just remember there are people from all age groups from the very young to the very old so finding something that appeals to everyone is imperative. Sticking to subjects like the planning of the wedding or shopping, or maybe something about yourself that could be funny is okay.

Secondly make sure you rehearse these jokes because if you are saying it wrong you may get a flat reaction which can actually ruin your whole speech. So it is important to practice what you say with some people that you know to make sure that it comes out right. Sometimes having a rehearsed dinner is not such a bad idea.

Thirdly when you are telling jokes in your groom speech try and aim it at some of your close friends or people you know well that will be able to take a little embarrassment. Steer clear of any future in-laws, and especially your new wife. Keep it clean and don’t start mentioning really personal stuff that you and your wife did as this may get a laugh but it will cause great humiliation to her. This will also be remembered rather than the other good points that you mentioned in your room speech.

Fourthly make sure that you get the audience involved, this means to project your voice and look around the room speaking to everyone making sure they all feel part of your groom speech. This will give a bit of life into your speech and their energy from the audience will help you along and it won’t seem such a long time.

Do not get too drunk, this is something that lets a lot of people down, they have a well rehearsed funny speech and everything goes wrong because they cannot remember it and start slurring their words.

Also don’t forget have a good time. This is your wedding, if you show that you are very nervous or you’re not enjoying yourself this will project into your speech. So smile a lot and take deep breaths and just relax and enjoy the moment.

How to Write a Funny Groom Speech

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