How to Make People Laugh Every Time

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Here are some of the most valuable methods you can use to make people laugh and to develop this skill:

1. Use funny conversation starters. If you start a conversation in a way that gets the other person laughing, it’s much easier to keep the conversation in a humorous vibe than if you start it in a serious or boring way.

This is why I encourage you to use funny conversation starters. Have a few of the up your sleeve, ready to use in any social situation, and it will surely benefit you.

2. Use funny stories. Funny things happen to us and to people around us all the time. Think of funny things that happened to you, gather such stories from other people and thus create a collection of them.

Then, in the proper moments in a conversation, bring out some of these funny stories. For example, if you end up talking about pets, talk about that time when your dog ate your mp3 player, or something.

3. Observe the context. There are frequently funny things to be noticed around us, while talking to another person. You might be in a bus and there is a guy on the same bus, wearing summer shorts and a winter jacket.

Noticing these kinds of things and pointing them out is a reliable way to make the other person laugh. You just need to really open your eyes and see what’s going on around you.

4. Reframe. Reframing is the process of seeing things from a different and often unusual angle. It is also a great way to make people laugh.

When you’re talking about a certain topic, try to look at things from a new and funny angle. For example, if the other person complains that their phone is busted, you can tell them that at least their phone bill will seriously go down until they get a new phone.

Last but not least, keep in mind that having fun is one of the best things that can happen in a social interaction. The point is not as much to impress people, as to enjoy the interaction.

Source by Eduard Ezeanu

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