How Effective Are Your Funny Pick Up Lines?

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We have all seen it happen. The average looking guy walks up to the drop dead beautiful looking girl, leans over and repeats one of his funny pick up lines to her and suddenly she smiles. Before the hour is up they are leaving together. Usually where we see this is in the movies or on television. While it may happen in real life, it is the exception rather than the rule and if it does happen she had probably been impressed by something more than his funny pick up lines. As much as Hollywood writers would have us believe differently, women are thinking feeling individuals and are able to see through most pick up lines. That does not mean that there is no room for a sense of humor and good laughs in the meeting and dating situation.

A lot of women are attracted to a man that can laugh and make others laugh. If you are not the type of person that can deliver a joke you may want to hold off practicing your delivery until you get to know the lady better. What is more important is that you be able to laugh sincerely when something funny happens. Sincerity and self confidence have allowed guys to meet more women than all the funny pick up lines in the world. Of course self confidence is sometimes hard to grasp when you find yourself shaking in your shoes wondering what you are going to say if she says something in response to your first hello.

Like it or not, it just takes practice and you will get the best practice talking with someone you are not trying to pick up. It really takes the pressure off both of you and will allow your confidence to grow. It is often easier to engage in a conversation with a girl if you have met her in a group situation. Not a crowded bar group situation but something more in the line of a club or gathering where you have something in common. Avoid the places where girls would normally get hit on. They learn to expect it and their defenses are up. If you are into photography or chess join a club that caters to people that have those interests. You will be surprised how much easier it is to forget your funny pick up lines and just ask them about the kind of camera that they are using.

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