How Can a T-Shirt Be a Dangerous Item of Clothing?

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How Can a T-Shirt Be a Dangerous Item of Clothing?

Slogans can provoke strong reactions in people. Have you ever worn a t-shirt which you thought to be completely hilarious only to find that the old lady on the bus kicks you as she walks past? The range of religions, political opinions, sexualities and fears people hold in our society, means that you have to be careful what you say and what you have written on your shirt if you don’t want to offend at least one person. Especially as you don’t know how violent a reaction you might get.

So what subjects should you think twice about before having them emblazoned on your chest when you walk down the street:


There is a very famous and particularly controversial t-shirt produced by a band called ‘Cradle of Filth’ back in 1991 which had a nun masturbating with a crucifix on the front and the words “Jesus is a C**t” written on the back. For a Christian it would be hard to find a more offensive t-shirt and the garment was banned in a number of countries. Bumping into the wrong person while wearing this t-shirt could likely get you a severe…telling off. Religion is a very touchy subject and having anything like this on a t-shirt will always provoke a reaction.


Politics is a messy business. There is a lot of muck racking and mudslinging and not a single clean fight in sight. At least though, there aren’t too many parties like the BNP. Groups that stand for racist attitudes behind a veil of nationalism can try and keep their heads near the surface of the political murk, but when their ground troops (EDL) march the streets with slogan t-shirts bearing the their true opinions it is hard for them to be taken seriously. Racist or xenophobic attitudes will always draw angry or violent reactions from the general public no matter what funny t-shirt or clever slogan they try and use.


There are a vast number of sexist t-shirts available in just about every shop which sells funny t-shirts. Before the suffragettes got on the scene women had a pretty bad time of it in the UK, but as time has progressed things are equal in all but the most elitist of surroundings. While a great many males will find these mens funny t shirts amusing, there will always be a great many more women who find them rude, offensive and sometimes downright disgusting.

So while a funny t shirt can be great. Make sure you don’t provoke the wrong kind of reaction. There are t shirt sites out there who prefer witty designs to offensive for the sake of offensive.

How Can a T-Shirt Be a Dangerous Item of Clothing?

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