Homemade Penis Enlargement Devices You Can Easily Build!

penis enlargement

Many men consider the size of their penis to equate to the size of their personality and characteristic or other qualities. One of the best ways to improve upon that weakness in the realm of diminutive penis size is to learn a little bit about homemade penis enlargement devices. When it comes to penis devices to enlarge that main vein downstairs, it is important to realize that safety must come before economic savings. No one wants to be stuck with an injured penis and a small penis at the very same time!

Do not break the Bank

Here we will look at some of the safest and reasonably-effective homemade penis enlargement devices that did not break the bank are the penis! One of the oldest known techniques for making a man’s penis larger and longer is hanging weights from the penis. Obviously hanging any amount of weight from a man’s penis is something that should be taken into various considerations before being initiated. In order to make your very own penis weight hanger you’ll need two pieces of rigid material such as wood or hardened plastic. The first step is to drill holes on either side and then to thread a resilient yet nonirritating link of string through the holes. The holes are then attached with a bolt and this prohibits the weights from slipping back through the holes.

Wrap a Piece of Cloth around your Penis

The next step for the weight hanging penis enlargement project is to wrap a piece of cloth around your penis for protection and ultimate comfort. The main danger here is two-fold with the first being that the weights can injure the penis sometimes permanently and secondly from rubbing or chaffing are chafing of the apparatus. The best location to attach the device is to the shaft of the penis just below the head. In this way if there is any pain or any other type of discomfort such as numbness or discoloration of the penis it can be detached immediately.

2 3 Pound Weights

Last but not least the lines are attached to a 2 to 3 pound weight and then as the days pile on top of one another the weight can be increased ΒΌ pound every five days. The goal for any penis weight hanging device that was homemade is to add length and girth to the penis without breaking it off in the process!

Be Careful at all Times

While hanging weights from one’s penis sound like a great idea and some that can be done moderately and with ease there are some tricks to create the device for your penis that should be followed. The first is that 2.5 or 3 pounds may not sound like a lot of weight but when it is attached to your penis it could feel like the Empire State Building if something goes awry.

Easy Does It

The goal is not to put too-much stress on the penis at the very beginning of the weight disbursement home apparatus program. These homemade penis enlargement devices are very low cost alternatives to buying a professional store bought one yet the safety factor must be taken in consideration before anything is attached to your Main Johnson.

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