Homemade Christmas Decorations

your children

Many people like shopping for beautiful and unusual Christmas decorations. However, homemade Christmas decorations can be as much fun to create. This would be also an excellent way to keep your children occupied close to Christmas.

Making decorations with your children is the best way to spend time together and bring back the excitement of your own childhood Christmases. Your children would be excited too about the prospect of decorating their own homes, particularly after they helped decorating their classrooms for Christmas.

Simple tree decorations made from pinecones glued together and suspended with ribbon are a good example of stylish decorations for any taste, but which are also easy enough for children to make. Slightly more difficult, but just as delightful are little clothespeg fairies, snowmen and Santa Clauses. You can still find old-fashioned wooden clothespegs at craft shops and hardware stores. Buy a couple of packs and before you know it you will have nativity scenes, choir of angels, and multiple Santa Clauses created.

Trees, stars, and Christmas stockings made of felt shapes have real homespun charm, look great on the tree and are incredibly simple to make. While older children will be sewing around the edges with jolly, contrasting thread, younger children can glue the shapes together and decorate with glitter glue. If you want to keep you children quiet for hours, then have them make pompom snowmen, which have an incredible kitsch appeal.

You can buy pompom kits and wool in a variety of shades at most craft stores. All that your children will need to do is make fluffy balls in different sizes. Once they are done with the balls, glue three pompoms of descending size together to form little snowmen, and dress them with felt accessories. For a cute finishing touch, knit tiny scarves and bobble hats, if you are good at it.

Ethereal tissue-paper snowflakes would be perfect decorations for the kids’ bedroom windows. Just cut several sheets of white tissue paper into squares. Then fold each one in half to create a triangle, and repeat to create another, smaller triangle. With the long edge at the bottom, fold the left edge in to the midline, then fold the right edge in the same way to create a tall narrow triangle with two tails, which should be cut off. Finally, get to work with scissors and snip away at the triangle’s sides. Carefully open out the tissue paper to reveal a beautiful snowflake.

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