Home Made Solar Panels – Made For Less Than $200 in 7 Easy Steps

home made

Home Made Solar Panels – Made For Less Than $200 in 7 Easy Steps

Are you skeptical that it’s not possible to make home made solar panels for under $200? Well you can. And when you finish reading this article you’ll know 7 key steps to help you set up a PV solar panel. Following these steps will get you a panel that produces about 70 Watts. And you know the best thing about it? Every day thousands of normal Mums and Dads are doing exactly what I’m about to outline for you.

I’m sure that you’re already familiar with this, if you do a quick search on eBay for “solar cells” or “pv solar cells” you’ll find a big range to choose from. For the rest of your materials I would recommend buying them from your hardware store.

So, are you ready to learn these 7 steps? I though so! Keep reading as I’ll outline for you what you will need to do.

1. Jump onto eBay and purchase a set of solar cells. If you can find tabbed cells this would be preferred. This will reduce the amount of soldering required

2. Build a frame to place you solar cells in. The most common wood used for solar panel frames is plywood. You will also need to paint it with UV protection paint.

3. Now we have to lay out the cells on the frame and make sure you have a spacer in between them.

4. Connect all of your cells together by soldering wire on to them where the tabs are found.

5. Once the Cells are glued to the frame you need to wire the solar panel to your battery. The battery is where all the energy will be stored and used later for electricity.

6. Cover your home made solar panels with plexiglass. This is recommended over normal glass because it is a lot more durable.

7. Place your Solar Panel in a suitable location where the sun will not be obstructed from shadows.

Now wait for your battery to be charged and then start using your free electricity! This is pretty much the steps that thousands of people are using to create green energy every day.

Home Made Solar Panels – Made For Less Than $200 in 7 Easy Steps

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