Gift Ideas For Gadget Lovers

gadget lover

So what is considered a gadget? Is it a gizmo? Well, according to Webster’s dictionary: a gadget is often a small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty. Do they really mean useless items that people have a lot of fun playing with? Sometimes! Futile or with a purpose, the gadgets below make perfect unique gifts no matter what the occasion. Gadget lovers will be going gaga!

Atomic Projection Clock: An amazing gift idea for any gadget guru. They’ll feel like they’ve stepped into a warp zone with the time glowing all around them. It’s a no glasses needed, no hassles self-setting way to gift them the gift of time. You can find these at any electronics store or online.

Lightning Detector: Gadget lovers rejoice! This is the mother of all gadgets! A lightning detector can track storm patterns and even report when a bolt is about to hit. Who needs storm chasing? All they need is a handheld lighting detector to send the weather man packing.

Robotic Pet: Okay. They don’t want a dog, because they’re too much work. Well, what if Fido required no water, no walking and no vet bills? Not possible? Think again. One of the hottest gadgets around is a life-like robotic dog. With full robotic motion, he makes authentic dog sounds and listens to voice commands. Complete lifelike animation! So, tell them you got them a dog as a present. Once they’re done yelling, hand them over that electronic yapper. They’ll love it!

Ambient Stock Orb: You better sit down for this one. An ambient stock orb is a glass lamp that glows various colors to indicate changes in the financial markets. If the market is calm, it will glow yellow; if it is up green, down red. No PC is required. That’s right, no computer is necessary. It just sits there and does its thing via a wireless network. Kind of like a crystal ball.

Wireless Mail Alert: When waiting for an important piece of mail, we often make countless trips to the mail box. In the future, these can be averted with a wireless mail alerter. You gadget lover will do cartwheels! A sensor is placed inside a mail box and when the mail arrives, an indoor receiver chimes and flashes. How cool is that!

Wristwatch Television: The gadget lover can watch their favorite programs anywhere with this awesome gift. Built like a watch, transistor technology captures a crisp digital picture and gets great reception in areas with strong signals.

And on a practical note: All gadget lovers are forever in need of accessories. Batteries, cords, adapters, cases and more are almost always ideal gifts for any gadget lover.

Any one of these gifts is a high tech way to say happy gadgeting and enjoy!

Source by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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