Gadget Tom’s Hobby With His Model Trains

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Gadget Tom’s Hobby With His Model Trains

The Gadget Tom site. It is a website that presents a lot of delightful gadgets for a model railroad collector including the DCC ready and DCC decoder equipped engines and model trains too. The commonly available products are Digital Command Control from Digitrax, SoundTraxx, NCE, LEnz, Scenery and more. The website allows the visitor to browse through the various models available in the different categories, shop and purchase the DCC hobby supplies, pay for it online or know the amount to be paid at the time of shipping. The whole process is automatic, secure and also very fast.

The website offers great tips for the beginners. There are controller sets that are simple and easy to understand, with minimal wiring required. There are simple layouts that are easy to operate and are less expensive than the traditional layout and wiring, giving you the same results.

All the products are broadly categorized according to the companies or scales. The products imported from companies like Digitrax, North Coast Engineering, SoundTraxx train sound, and other model engines. Accessories are supplied from companies like Woodland Scenic supplies, Kato UniTrack & Sets, etc. Various scales of the rolling stock form another category and some of the wiring accessories, Design Preservation Models, Kadee Couplers & Wheels, Track Supplies, Privateers of the Dauntless Wear are the various types of parts and accessories that are available with them. Apart from model trains and its accessories and parts, there are DCC books, Circuitron products, Gadget Tom hobby shirts, Gadget CAM and others.

The current stock contains the Woodland Scenics Scenery Supplies. The products include grass, turf, model train ballast and many others. They also stock the landscaping “Learning kits” and this includes the tree kits, road kits, glues, effects and water.

Gadget Tom’s Hobby With His Model Trains

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