Future Android OS 3.0 to Merge With Sony Ericsson’s New Smartphone – Really?

Future Android OS 3.0 to Merge With Sony Ericsson’s New Smartphone – Really?

Surprisingly enough, the Android 3.0 OS, named “gingerbread”, according to Engadget.com, is due to launch this coming October. I believe this is a bit naive, but will still give them some credit. The merge between Sony and the operating system will entail a truly innovative device. It will combine the features of the typical Smartphone with the familiar PSP Go.

As for the device itself, it is said; its screen size will be 3.7 to 4.1 inches, which is the standard size in today’s terms. Interestingly enough, the device will have the familiar PSP control buttons on the QWERTY keyboard. Moreover, the improvement will be accompanied by the development of a new game area on the Google Market and the games developed will have PSP-quality graphics. In other words, the best of it all – real 3D games are on their way to the Android OS. In the future, this may also lead to other mobile devices to enter this unique game area in the market.

For those game devotees out there, this is pretty exciting news. But who will want to buy these phones? Are kids the main target audience? What about adults and the business world clients? I believe this device will be popular amongst all audiences. Having that said, a lot of today’s profit comes from the younger generation which is constantly in search for the newest gadgets. And what a gadget it is going to be. Imagine playing a game on your mobile phone with a PlayStation look and feel. This sounds exciting, even for me, definitely not in my teenage years. We all know that even us adults tend to love PlayStations and other computerized games. If we spend so much time on these games, why not combine it with our cellular phones for the optimum experience? Many young and old will both agree with me.

Technology is reaching higher peeks by the minute. We are all looking forward to hearing more official news and declarations about this release as this may be a new breakthrough in the field. So far, I am still skeptic as to its launch in the near future. I wonder if we will have a substitute for the televised PlayStation together with a mobile phone. We will have to patiently wait and see.

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