Funny Technology – Amazing Gadgets That Make No Sense

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We love technology and we depend on technology. There are many amazing things that are now available all thanks to science and technology breakthroughs, but from time to time an invention or two, or even a product that goes on the market, comes to our attention that we simply have to ask ourselves: who invented this and why?

Well if some things are useless at least they are funny, the latest from the world of useless tech that grabbed my attention was iCarta iPod toilet paper holder, a paper holder that has built in iPod dock and speakers. What’s next, toilet paper app, what are we going to do with either of these? Another crazy app that makes no sense, besides being a cool decoration, is the Moonlight Cushion. This amazing gadget, pillow, has a built in LED light source that changes colors like a rainbow. So don’t confuse it with a mushroom trip, it’s just your bad investment or lack of taste, the food was fine.

If you have a couple of thousand of dollars to spend you may want to get yourself the ultimate toilet, the Intelligence Toilet 2. Personally with all the functions and all the things this toilet can do for you I would prefer to go to the neighbors. It can check your body weight, blood pressure, measure urine temperature and keep track of woman’s cycle as well as measure and keep track of your blood sugar levels. You can get all of this info on your computer. That’s right; the toilet is directly linked to your computer. Now I’m not saying that this is a useless tech gadget, it clearly has a great use, I simply think it’s scary and overpriced.

There are hundreds of incredible and misunderstood tech products that hit the market each year, some have a use, some don’t, one thing is for user, they make a great laugh.

Source by Stan John

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