Funny Poems For Kids – My Dads Poems Will Make You and Your Family Smile!

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Funny Poems For Kids – My Dads Poems Will Make You and Your Family Smile!

My dad is 71 years old and is retired. He was a Fitter and Turner by trade and preached in his spare time. He has been happily married for 39 years this year and has been my hero my whole life. No one builds things like he does either. If my dad made a shelf, you could swing from it and it would not break. He’s an inventor as well and is always working on way to make life easier.

He’s first invention was a pie mould he made over 30 years ago. He was in the process of getting it patented when his layer stole the idea and made money off my Dads concept. It’s a sad story but what can you do.

Getting back to reason I wrote this article. My Dad, as rough as he is has a real sense of life and its mishaps. I’m sure he could have been a comedian if he wanted because he picks up on little things that most people miss. My Dad wrote a poem for his Mom, when she was with us and it went like this

Today Lord I’m eighty

Today Lord I’m eighty and though I’m almost done

I’d like to do the comrades before I’m eighty one

Of course I’d need a little start old ladies always do

Who cares if I finish when I’m eighty two

Also Lord there’s this longing deep in me

To bungee jump from a bridge when I’m eighty three

After this Lord, there is this little chore

I’d like to paint my roof again when I’m eighty four

And on my birthday while I’m still alive

I want to do the limbo when I’m eighty five

After this Lord when I’m eighty six

I want to train earnestly so I can do the splits

And if at eighty seven, before the year may pass

I want to do aerobics in a teenage class

Another thing Lord, before it’s far too late

I’d like to do some hang gliding when I’m eighty eight

Should you Lord still spare me, and if I’m feeling fine

I want to join the paratroopers when I’m eighty nine

And if Lord I make it, dear Lord I pray

I’d like to dance the night away when I’m ninety and a day

By Gerald Reineke

My Mom, saw a competition in the paper and entered my Dad without him knowing. It wasn’t surprising to us that he won first prize. Although my dad was surprised. The poem was put in an anthology of poems and published with other poets.

I guess I just want to show how proud I am of my Dad. So please if you like his poems please comment on the comment section of my blog. It would really make his day.

Funny Poems For Kids – My Dads Poems Will Make You and Your Family Smile!

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