Comparison of File Extensions GADGET and TMP

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The file extension GADGET is used in relation with the gadgets on Windows Vista sidebar. They are small applications which provide a lot of information and easy access to frequently utilized tools. Vista sidebar also helps in organizing gadgets. This panel on the sidebar in Windows Vista keeps gadgets well-organized and available all the time. You may customize it to place it in your preferred location. It is all about personalizing your unique desktop.

Gadgets can be used for a huge range of possible applications. They can be used by connecting to the various web services to deliver business data, news updates, internet radio streams, traffic maps and weather information or even some slide shows from online photo albums. These files can be used for integrating with different programs for providing quality interaction. GADGET files are fundamentally ZIP files containing gadget ones. They can be renamed to ZIP and decompressed by using any online compression utility.

The file extension TMP is used for referring to temporary files. It can be created using any type of program and is normally utilized for storing temporary information which a program needs during running. Temporary files can be easily identified by their TMP extension named after the name of the file. Some programs create them having extension other than TMP. Normally temporary files get deleted when the program that created them is closed. They usually contain all kind of data from backup of a file to some system information inscrutable to humans.

There is a fundamental difference in the two types. GADGET files refer to the Gadgets in the Windows Vista and 7 sidebar, while TMP files are used for storing temporary information by different programs.

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