Book Review of Semi Home Made Cooking

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Book Review of Semi Home Made Cooking

Sandra Lee has taught the domestically challenged how to cook by coordinating her television show with her cookbooks. She not only makes cooking easy, but shows how to entertain dinner guests by using themed table settings. Her recipes are fail proof. Anyone can learn to cook with Sandra Lee.

There are about twenty cookbooks in the Semi Home Made collection. Many of the recipes have been demonstrated on her show. Sandra’s method is using seventy percent store-bought products with thirty percent fresh products.

Each book begins with photographs and descriptions of tools and spices you will need on hand and how to use them. I have actually learned from this. Each recipe is coordinated with other dishes to complete the meal. The end of the book gives table setting tips for entertaining.

There are a few basic tips I have learned that have helped. One is to add extracts to cake mixes for an enhanced flavor. Another trick for cake mixes is to use applesauce in place of oil for moisture. When water is called for in use fruit juice or broth instead for flavor.

Once you’ve learned some of these tricks, you get creative and think of your own shortcuts. I recycled pineapple cans by cooking pineapple upside down cake in them. I collected twelve and made individual cakes. It worked out perfectly.

Sandra actually tried cooking school but felt that the gourmet recipes were not used by the everyday person on a budget with time spread thin. She wrote down the ways she survived when growing up and throwing whatever was in the pantry.

My favorite recipe is stuffed peppers cooked in the crock pot with a Mexican twist. They are peppers with a kick! You literally dump everything from the can to the bowl and mix it with hamburger and rice. A few hours later they’ve cooked themselves and you just eat. Her serving tip is to use a bundt cake pan for transporting and serving because they will keep their shape and not fall over.

There are even international food themes that are fun.

If you admit to being like me and not being a domestic goddess, this book is for you. After trying a few of Sandra’s recipes, you will be able to contribute to any potluck like a pro. Never again will you bring bagged salad or chips. You will become the life of the party.

Book Review of Semi Home Made Cooking

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