Best Man Jokes – Inject Humor In Your Best Man Speech

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By choosing you as the best man your friend, the groom has shown a lot of confidence in your abilities and you don’t want to let him down. You also want to inject humor in your speech and make sure that it stays in people’s memory for a long time to come. So what guide lines are to be followed while employing humor in your speech?

We understand that after shouldering a myriad of responsibilities you would also like to make a funny best man speech, without too much work.

Follow these guidelines and you will emerge a winner:

  1. Firstly while cracking jokes remember to keep a poker straight face, the audience will laugh harder. There is absolutely no point in laughing even before you start a joke
  2. Keep your speech light and infuse a little humor in it here and there, this will ensure that everyone’s attention stays on you.
  3. Stick to the originality of the speech; you have a speech to make. Keep that important thing in mind.
  4. Stay away from profanity of any kind; this includes gestures or sign language.
  5. Any dirty jokes and comments about the groom or the bride or any one else will cause raised eyebrows and your speech will not be received well.
  6. While recounting tales of your childhood with the groom make sure you do not mention any embarrassing incidents.
  7. Refrain from recounting such incidents. Do not become the cause of embarrassment to the groom, bride or any other individual.
  8. Do not alienate anyone based on their color, caste, creed or religion. People have come to attend the wedding of a close one and you don’t want to be pelted with cake or stones.

Stand straight and make the best jokes possible.

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