A Funny Thing You Haven’t Seen

be seen

Clearly onstage comedians try with all their brain matter cells to conduct humorous transmissions along the axon’s to the nerves that control the muscles of their flapping lips so sound falls on ears that are not deaf and persons can hear funny things that can’t be seen. Can an image the comedian paints in your mind be seen? Or can only images you see in reality be seen as photographed impressions?

I told you this article was about something funny you haven’t seen and since I’m writing it you could say you see the words that have been formed into something funny that can be seen but if I was telling this instead of writing it you surely wouldn’t be seeing something funny. I would say if I got into your imagination with the words I’m typing and not speaking then I put a thought in your mind that can’t be seen. If this article isn’t enough to put a small smile on your face I would expect you can’t see serious also. There’s always two sides of a coin, but what you haven’t seen is there are two sides of what you haven’t seen. I guess I’m not seeing serious today so I’m wandering into not seeing funny and just want to create a little something nobody can see.

I could try to be funny, but I wouldn’t want anybody to lie by saying they can see that because it just wouldn’t be true. See in reality or see in the mind’s eye? Can the mind truly see what’s not there? The mind can indeed see what your eyeballs clearly see and transfer the image seen to your brain that makes a fuzzy something unless your mind is photographic and can retain pictures for future use. But what about what you imagine from what I’m typing? Are you seeing the words or are you seeing a creation that’s just not there? When I close my eyes I can make a fuzzy little image do something I image I want it to do but is that fuzzy little image just something I have seen before with my eyeballs or is it actually something created from my imagination that’s not really there?

As I close out this article which is basically nothing but entertainment to people that wish they had never read it and to criticize the words on the page I shall say, when a comedian says something to make you laugh unless you’ve seen it before you won’t see it at the time it’s told to you. All you will see is a fuzzy image of something you’ve seen in the past that relates. Thoughts are funny but can’t be seen.

Source by Jim Allan

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