4 Tips On How To Be Cocky And Funny

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4 Tips On How To Be Cocky And Funny

Tip #1 – Being cocky and funny is more than just what you say, it’s how you say it.

Your body language and tonality is vital, even more than the words you say.

For example, while in a café:

Waitress: “you guys alright here”

Me: “Yeh, we’re going to get some coffees”

Waitress: (misinterprets how it was said and thinks I have already ordered) “okay, good-good”

Me: (said playfully) “How rude! Geeeez.”

Waitress: (starts to apologise and wonders if I’m going to be an angry customer)

Me: (smile, not like a weirdo, but so she knows your playing)

Waitress: “I’m so sorry…I thought you said…”

Me: “No, no excuses…I can’t believed you ignored me…that is terrible customer service…your tip is out the window”

The point being made is that this example would be useless if it is not said the right way.

Tip #2 – Use the right amount of cockiness.

If you over-do the cockiness, the amount of girls you attract will be very minimal, if any. Women will lose attraction because they may see you as too arrogant or extremely weird.

Tip #3 – Be playful

Make sure you have a playful vibe about you, and then you will not seem as arrogant.Approach the conversation and interaction casually; you do not want to come off as too serious.

Tip #4 – Make sure you are being attractive in different ways

Use your body language and the way you speak (tonality) effectively, for example a cocky a funny line from a really nervous guy will often result in an unimpressed female.

4 Tips On How To Be Cocky And Funny

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